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I was wondering if I can still use my coupons at walmart even though it doesnt say manufacturers coupon anywhere on it. Sohpie — Unfortunetely if they do not say that on them, they do not accept them. And yes, you can use coupons on price matched items. Sometimes cashiers not knowing the coupon policy works in your favour. So there are times when I keep my mouth shut and let them accept the coupons. Hello — I am totally new to this whole coupon scene, and get confused with some of the fine print on coupons. If so then how do you purchase many items using multiple coupons?

Say I have a coupon that is buy 2 bounty sheets get 3. I am fustrated cause I bought two and one coupon that had dollar off and the other siad bogo. They only accepted one or the other. This was at walmart! Thanks so much for your website!! It has helped me so much with learning how best to price match and use coupons!

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I had a couple of questions though since you seem to be so well versed in Walmart policy …. I wanted to buy 6 boxes of gummies and use 6 coupons but they said no they would only accept 1 coupon. Needless to say I only bought 1 box and made them take the other 5 back. But I still think that this does not seem right.

What is your take? Why would WM allow you to get overage, and accept printables, and accept competitor coupons.. I just had the same problem. The cashier and store manager wouldnt let me use all my coupons in one transaction even though the said one per purchase not one per tranaction. Itried to explain that it was all seperate purchases within one transaction but they just wouldnt listen.

Hi I had a rexall coupon from their coupon book and walmart told me ehy do not take them because it does not show their price on the coupon is this right? So it shows the savings and then shows the regular price. They would then reing the competitor coupon in as a price match. I was at Wal-Mart and tried to use 4 coupons for 4 items I was buying 4 boxes of Oreo Sippers and had 4 coupons and was told I could only use 1 of my coupons. Christine — Yes, your store was incorrect.


Christmas Layaway is Back and Better at Walmart

They should have allowed the usage of all 4 coupons. The one coupon has buy 2 Tostitos and receive a free dip. On the front there is no price mentioned. Thanks for the help. So glad to have found your site. Hopefully you can clear this up for me. Michelle — Stacking is when you use more than 1 coupon on 1 item.

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  • What is the date of this coupon policy. Can you please let me know because I have been using coupon zone coupons there all the time until I got refused last night. I even showed the store manager the one listed here and he took a copy and said he has no idea where it came from, like as if I made it up. Linda — This policy was received on April 9th, If they have a new policy, they should post it on their website.

    Jen — Most likely. I went to first Cashier and got 25 of them with no problems. They had plenty of this in stock, so I went back to get some food items and some more LaCoupe. I tried to explain that it says ANY product but has no size restriction. She then says that she was told by the cash office that they would not be reimbursed by the company because of the travel size.

    Needless to say I had already had everything put through along with 70 dollars in food along with Price matched items and coupons, and she went and voided the whole transaction, and made the cashier put it all-in again. What a pain that was. Never had a problem like this before, so I wrote to LaCoupe to verify any size restrictions.

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    • That is awful, and they were definetely in the wrong. Better luck next time!

      Walmart is slapping itself on the back for sustainability but it still has a way to go

      My friend has just advised me that our Wal Mart is no longer accepting printed coupons…I cannot find an updated policy that states this.. Until head office confirms this by posting the coupon policy on their website, I will continue to go by the policy that they emailed to me. I just hears the Walmart is now accepting stacking!!

      Can you pls confirm this? I tried called my Walmart but no answer. Well, the manager told me that it was one or the other — price match or use of the coupon and that he was going to be nice and allow me to use the coupon on 1 of my deoderants. Do you know if there is any way to prove this policy to the manager for future use? There is nothing about price matching accompanied by coupon use in their policy. That would be awesome! However, I cannot confirm this. First of all, great savings!


      Walmart was absolutely un the wrong. The next time they give you a problem with that, tell them to call head office. Hello I was just in my wal mart, I live in trenton ontario. They informed me that you can no longer use printable coupons unless every single bar code is different per coupon. If they are not different then they will only allow you to use one. They also tried to say they dont do overage.

      Is it possible to find out from head office if they have a new policy up to date??? Sounds to me like your Walmart was making up their own rules. The next time that happens, ask them to call head office and head office will let them know that they are in the wrong. I am extremely confused. I was at the Duncan B. C Wal-Mart today and had great difficulty with using coupons, stacking or even using more then one coupon for three items.

      The CSM was very rude but told me that Wal-mart has a new coupon policy that came straight from head office Saturday. When I asked her if I could see it she had a copy of something in her hand she told me I would have to get it off the internet.